Why I'm Such A Huge Tucker Max Fan

November 20, 2008
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I previously had a series of 3 posts where I went into a lot more depth than I do here. Those posts were terribly rambling and incoherent, and there was no need for them, so I deleted them. This post, and this quote, is a great summary of why I'm a Tucker Max fan.

From the advice board thread entitled Guide to Beginner Game: How to develop game if you have none:

"You know how many times in my life I have gotten something or achieved something because I tried where others begged off, because I threw my hat in the ring when others kept theirs on their head? You know how many hot girls I have gotten because I went up and talked to them, while everyone else was scared of them? Yes I have game, but my game is worthless sitting alone at a table. It takes balls to approach a hot girl or to put your life on the internet, and friends, I have two huge ones, and this is why I am a winner and will always be a winner."

This shows Tucker's attitude to life. He started out down a career path he hated, realised it was wrong for him, changed his mind, figured out what he wanted to do with his life. Then he figured out how to get it. And then he went and did it. I admire him for that. Now he's written a New York Times bestseller, runs a great company and is making a film.

Check out his messageboard, read his book, or follow his movie production blog.

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