Erin Pavlina Is A Crazy Person

May 20, 2009
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I like to think that, generally speaking, I can be fairly objective and rational and think things through to their logical conclusion. I'd like to think that I choose any course of action or belief based on the evidence in front of me and a careful analysis of the facts.

Which is why this shit scares me. From Erin Pavlina's blog post, What Happens When You Die (as if ANY person in the world has the authority to speak about this subject):

First we need to understand how we got here.  Your consciousness, your soul, your energy made a decision to incarnate into a human body so that you could have experiences that you can’t get in the ether.  You agreed and decided to take physical form to work on karmic issues, personal growth, or to help the planet evolve.  You chose your parents, planned some major life events, worked things out with some other souls who would also be around when you were, and got busy gettin’ born.  Then the veil was drawn over your memory so you could act out your life without knowing why you were there.

I've never heard anything so outlandish in my life. It's suggesting that toast is made by a piece of bread choosing that it wants to be heated on both sides for a minute before being coated in delicious butter and a blob of marmalade. It's fucking nuts.

Why do people convince themselves of these things? How does anyone come to such a ridiculous belief? What has happened in these people's lives that they choose to believe this, with absolutely no evidence?

And why the hell is there a week-long waiting list to pay $500 for a phone reading with this person?

Some things really worry me. This is one of them.

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