Work With Me

I work with people on 3 main things:

  1. Copywriting. If you want a sales page, an email campaign, or a website that doesn’t suck, then I can write copy for you. I’ve written things like this, this and this, and can do the same for you.
  2. Book consulting. I’ve helped lots of authors self-publish on Amazon, and I know the ins and outs of the whole process, including editing, proofreading, book cover design, interior layout, and book marketing. I also published my own book in 2015.
  3. Processes and systems. Whether it’s for your business or your personal goals, there’s probably things you’re doing wrong, or processes that take too much time. I can help you optimise, automate and outsource as much as possible, so you can focus on the areas where you can have the most impact.

If you want help with any of these three things, then I’d love to talk to you. My standard rate is $100/hr, but we should talk first to see if we’re a good fit.

Just click here to book a free 30 minute consultation call.