Erin Pavlina is a crazy person

I like to think that, generally speaking, I can be fairly objective and rational and think things through to their logical conclusion. I’d like to think that I choose any course of action or belief based on the evidence in front of me and a careful analysis of the facts.

Which is why this shit scares me. From Erin Pavlina’s blog post, What Happens When You Die (as if ANY person in the world has the authority to speak about this subject):

First we need to understand how we got here.  Your consciousness, your soul, your energy made a decision to incarnate into a human body so that you could have experiences that you can’t get in the ether.  You agreed and decided to take physical form to work on karmic issues, personal growth, or to help the planet evolve.  You chose your parents, planned some major life events, worked things out with some other souls who would also be around when you were, and got busy gettin’ born.  Then the veil was drawn over your memory so you could act out your life without knowing why you were there.

I’ve never heard anything so outlandish in my life. It’s suggesting that toast is made by a piece of bread choosing that it wants to be heated on both sides for a minute before being coated in delicious butter and a blob of marmalade. It’s fucking nuts.

Why do people convince themselves of these things? How does anyone come to such a ridiculous belief? What has happened in these people’s lives that they choose to believe this, with absolutely no evidence?

And why the hell is there a week-long waiting list to pay $500 for a phone reading with this person?

Some things really worry me. This is one of them.

23 thoughts on “Erin Pavlina is a crazy person”

  1. The elimination of total responsibility. If there is someone watching above you, or some higher consciousness(Whether that’s you in another “form” or something else), then we are not fully responsible for our actions and the outcomes of our lives. God forbid people actually sack up and accept things for what they are.

  2. Hi, I am totally mortified to admit that it is clearly me, not Erin, who is the crazy person. Because Erin has $500 of my money and I am still wincing from the pain of being ripped-off by paying for one of her psychic readings. I wish I had done more research before I went through with it – the problem is that people paying psychics are vulnerable and really want to believe in this bs. Usually I am a rational person but I got totally duped by the false promises on her website. So I would be grateful if you would please publish this comment as a big warning to anyone thinking of buying a reading from this lady – DON’T DO IT!! It feels like rape. And if anyone posts a comment to say she is good, I think we can safely assume it’s Erin.

  3. I have just done a Google search for Erin pavlina and came across this blog post.

    I have to say I have had two readings with Erin and both have been accurate and helpful (including making contact with deceased relatives Erin didn’t even know existed) – a far cry from what Sue refers to here.

  4. I wouldnt say its an elimination for total responsibility. If you look into this belief system you will find that it is much about life paths NOT FATE. Infact I would say a scientific view would most point towards you not having responsibility. Your mind is a running out of actions and reactions. Such as the determinism belief.
    Sure there can be cold readers but maybe we should give this kinda thing a chance.. Theres no real loss. Unless your stupid enough to pay an expensive physic when you dont even belive in them. But that would just be dumb! I say the best way is to make your mind up through your own experience and then if you really find there is something to it pay for a reading. That way you have nothing to fear.

  5. Hi,
    I am relatively new to the Pavlina’s blogs and I like Steve’s work quite a bit.
    I have to say though, that as a born clairvoyant who has been a very successful Tarot Counselor and Healer for 25 years, I almost fell through the floor when I saw what Erin was charging! I still can’t get my head around it. All I can say is that her husband’s blog get so much traffic it has spilled over to her. I can’t say anything about the quality of her readings as I haven’t hand one — can’t afford it — I assume she must be a genius or something seeing people are paying her that much, but her ideas are, to me, typical New Age jargon that has been around for 30 years or more.

    Nothing against Erin, but as a person who has been in this business for as long as I have, I can’t imagine 30 minutes with anybody being worth $500. But the again online GURUS are charging thousands for a weekend seminar so I might just be out of the loop.

    Anyway, I charge half of what she charges and that feels like the limit to me.

    As for her statements, sometimes I have had occasion to slip into a mediumistic trance during a reading and have a deceased person come through. I don’t seek it out because of the specious nature of such contacts. End of the day is that when you are in spiritual counseling work, part of your job is to offer comfort.

    As far as after death goes, when you HAVE the experience of seeing ghosts,etc. (and I have seen many and had my impression 100% validated by people who know the back story ) you can have the idea that you you know something about what happens after death. Something of us goes on for a while, past events are imprinted in the ethers — have you ever taken a train through Flanders for example? WWI is still very present along the tracks.

    But you cannot make blanket statements of any credibility because we don’t have the “authority” to say so. I have had near death experiences that I don’t remember, I KNOW I have spiritual beings looking out for me. I have entered Otherworld dimensions, I have had Faery visitations, I have had powerful past life memories — one of which actually put me into shock to the degree I needed treatment. I have personal
    experiences of healing people and having no idea how it worked because it was so unbelievable! Inside I am a skeptic even when I live this way — so I attempt to maintain a dispassionate view.

    Enough! Enough! This is long — I’m sorry
    All the Best,
    Arlene deWinter

  6. I had a reading with Erin Pavlina when her prices were lower. I would not like to have paid $500. My experience was very disappointing. I was in hospital seriously ill just the week before my reading. The doctor said that if I had not been treated in time I might not have woken up the next day. Strange that Erin or the guides did not mention anything about this. Anyway, the lesson I learned is that no-one can give you the answers, certainly not Erin. Save your money and buy a few self help books instead. That’s all she tells you to do anyway.

  7. I don’t want to just bad mouth Erin Pavlina, but 3 years is not enough experience to charge any where near the money she charges. Sh is riding on the coat tails of her husband, and his huge amount of traffic. Otherwise she would have to be in the trenches of the over-saturated online psychics community like the rest of us.

    I have been a professional psychic for 25 years. OFFLINE. One thing I have learned in all that time, is that psychic ability aside, there is still a lot you have to learn and it only comes by experience.

    For instance, I did a reading yesterday for an dear friend that I haven’t seen a for 3 years. He desperately needs a job and had been head hunted by someone in another country. He needs the job.

    I HATE to give bad news. It is very hard for a psychic who is in a state of empathy with the client, who cares about the client, to have to tell bad news — and in the early days, I might have tried to bend the message of the cards so I didn’t have to say it wasn’t looking very good. there was stiff competition he didn’t know about. And politics. But in the old days, I was only charging $20 for 30 minutes!

    Over the years, I learned to take it deeper and look at the real options when the cards look bleak. Sometimes the most immediate answer to a problem is not the right one, and we discovered that my friend has much better option, but it requires a little more work on his part than just taking a job.

    It takes experience with people to learn to find other solutions, to go deeper, and with experience you get quicker at reaching that depth as well.

    3 years is not enough time to get there.

    But then, 65 people paid that James Arthur Ray $9,000 – $10,000 apiece to pack into a sweat lodge and take their lives in their hands!

    1. In this economy who has that much money to spend on a sauna with some phony guru?

    2. Anyone who has been involved in sweat lodges with Native People — who are actually QUALIFIED to run sweats, would know in 1 second that this was a complete scam motivated by a level of greed that is truly mind boggling.

    All I ever gave to a sweat lodge is a packet of tobacco and heartfelt participation in the prayers — and there was never more then 8 people inside.

    Instant karma can bite you on the ____.

    I am trying to get my head around what people are thinking when they fall for this stuff.

  8. Arlene, I’m trying to get my head around your comment. You berate people for “falling for this stuff”, yet you’re A PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC. And you “only” charge $40 an hour! Where do I sign?

  9. I also had several readings with Erin. As Sue and Sam posted here (not Ellie, which is probably Erin herself), Erin’s readings were vague and unspecific. She also missed MAJORLY important things, and made bad guesses about other things. She asked more questions than she answered. Nothing she said was concrete or accurate.

    Most of her advice comes from her mind and own biases, rather than any actual psychic advice. After each reading, she said ‘book another one’ when asked her to clarify what she had said. 3 readings and 1500 later, she is unapologetic, for her inaccuracies and false advice. She is conning people based on some false psychic guise.

    All of her information was either vague, terrible advice or guesses from her own mind, or false and inaccurate.

    Anyone who has a strong rational mind, and actually SEES what useful or true advice she gives, including in the reviews that people have posted on her readings, can see that she is NOT a genuine psychic. All the reviews posted (that are NOT WRITTEN BY HER) show that her readings are vague and unspecific, and often inaccurate.

    If you are not a lonely housewife, or some pseudospiritual seeker, or desperate, and actually have a rational, whole mind and view, you can see that there is no actual information given in her readings.

    Would not recommend a reading with her. Save your money, and develop your own intuition and clarity of mind, not buy someone else’s false ‘advice’.

  10. Arlene, you can’t judge her ability if you’ve not had a reading with her. Simple as that. She is extremely psychically skilled and well worth the money she charges. (And she’s so in demand that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand if her prices were lower.) If you don’t feel your abilities are worth charging as much for, that’s your issue and your belief.

  11. Sapphire = more of Erin herself speaking.

    Just so you know, there are many who HAVE had readings with her, and found them to be false and inaccurate. Those who claim neutral reviews do so with no specific advice, and are often Erin posting herself.

    And again, selling ‘psychic readings’ when you’re not actually psychic, is a con. Erin is trying to justify now what she does by changing her story and saying that she can charge whatever she wants. Not when she is packaging herself as some health freak vegan psychic. Neither of which are true, anyways, as can be clearly seen.

    Her guise is up. The truth will always win in the end.

  12. Chris, I have to say I think it’s small-minded behaviour to assume that everyone who defends Erin on your site is in fact Erin herself. I think if I was Erin I definitely wouldn’t be responding to drivel like this.

    The internet is full of people who disagree with one another. Why not encourage open-minded debate if you really care about getting to the bottom of it?

    You have not even a modicum of openness to psychic ability it seems from this article, so I find you a very dubious source of information. I want to read things from people who have actually tried it and then made a conslusion – whether that’s believing it or not.

    And if you’re going to make statements and assertions like you do in this article, at least have the open-mindedness to accept the points of view of people who think differently. If you can’t take people disagreeing with you, then don’t write articles on the internet where you’re slagging people off. even if you aren’t small minded, it just makes you come across as small-minded, negative person – someone who likes to slag off others, rather than seeking the truth with an open mind but a skeptical one.

    I am an active member of Steve and Erin’s forums, I like her, recommend her and know many who do.

  13. I just read that you’re 20 years old. That would explain your comments. Your experience of the world is very limited when you’re 20 and your tone is that of the teenage boy who thinks he knows everything. Good for you. I’m just glad I’m no longer teaching kids who think they know it all. I hope you expand your horizons as you grow up.

  14. Erin Pavlina is a scammer – no doubt about it.

    She writes articles about how to ‘spot a fake psychic’, in an attempt to project that she is trying to be helpful as a genuine one. It is really laughable, but there are enough ignorant and desperate people in this world to keep her in business.

  15. The fact is, desparate/berieved, not so smart and some just plain pathetic people go to psychics for ‘help’ or contact with the dead….And this is unfortunate: those who need help in areas of their life will certainly not gain much by going to these cold fraudsters, and those who fail to acccept the negative side of life (death of course) will be lied to and reinforced in their delusions.

    Then of course you have these idiot psychics that criticise other psychics (are you reading Arlene De Winter?). Trying to look the correct and courageous hero in a world full of shysters…. ts ts shame on you

    If you feel drawn to these sorts of mysterious things I suggest that a membership of your local skeptic society will help you ask some real questions to which none of these frauds (and this does include all religions and religious figures/spokesmen) have any anwers. And this is ok, you should really be ok with a bit of insecurity or unkown in your life.

    Really, you can handle it.


  16. i am an indirect victim of erin because she gives a reading to my husband whom she did not know about his state of mind. she said that the only way my husband to get senses of his world and release his trapped energy is to separate with his wife and leave the family, we have 2 small children by the way. erin told my husband that based from his guiding spirits, this is the right thing to do, that his relationship with me and staying with his family are the the main obstacles why he is currently in this state of mind. my husband has been at a lost trying to find himself for many years and i stood by his side giving all the support that i can give. however, after his reading with erin, he made a decision based on that, now he left leaving us in limbo…this is the must hurtful part of my life but i am coping up for the sake of my children…its a painful experience that a psychic decided on the future of my family.

  17. I just did a search for Erin Pavlina on Google and came across your article.

    I have to say that, from what I have heard (people e-mailing me), the results from psychics readings, can vary immensely. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise for any one I guess. As someone said above she had had accurate and helpful readings. While others obviously didn’t have that experience.

    With that said I thing that everyone should judge for themselves, and their own experiences may, or may not, be applicable to other people.

  18. It’s more outlandish to think everything came from nothing. And why couldn’t the peice of bread think of being toasted we could think of that and with our current understanding of the the universe there’s no difference between us and that peice of toast and us. Both are made out of atoms and should have the same capabilty to think as anything else

  19. No, no, ye defenders of the ‘open mind’ (which is a lot like an open back door when people like Pavlina and She-Pavlina come prowling). The fact that it can potentially make sense if you assign certain words to it does not make it real. It doesn’t. Really.

  20. A somewhat immature blog post. For one thing, psychics will fail sometimes. Like if they are on tv in front of a group, or just a little tired, expect some irregularities. But a person like Erin, if she had the time and you sat with her one afternoon, she would unearth things only you knew, and whether you like it or not, she would give you useful guidance. That guidance could be the most shocking, but that’s almost irrelevant, the point is what is the best route to fix such and such problem. There are great psychics out there, just find some youtube videos showing complete skeptics who have their lives changed. It’s just nature and you’ve got to learn that there is more to life than we can see.

    1. So you’re saying that a socially intelligent person can find out stuff about you by asking probing questions and making educated guesses, but occasionally get things wrong? That sounds entirely plausible without psychic powers to explain it – thousands of psychologists and therapists do this all over the world, every day. They don’t claim to have magic powers.

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